Coriaria pteridoides


Coriaria: From the Latin corium 'hide', possibly from the use of some species for tanning leather
pteridoides: Resembling Pteridium (genus name from the Greek pteris, meaning wing or feather)

Common Name(s)

Small-leaved tutu

Current Conservation Status

2012 - Not Threatened

Conservation status of New Zealand indigenous vascular plants, 2012
The conservation status of all known New Zealand vascular plant taxa at the rank of species and below were reassessed in 2012 using the New Zealand Threat Classification System (NZTCS). This report includes a statistical summary and brief notes on changes since 2009 and replaces all previous NZTCS lists for vascular plants. Authors: Peter J. de Lange, Jeremy R. Rolfe, Paul D. Champion, Shannel P. Courtney, Peter B. Heenan, John W. Barkla, Ewen K. Cameron, David A. Norton and Rodney A. Hitchmough. File size: 792KB

Previous Conservation Status

2009 - Not Threatened
2004 - Not Threatened


Coriaria pteridoides W.R.B.Oliv.



Brief Description

Low-growing bushy spreading shrub consisting of many erect branches bearing feathery dark green narrow long pointed leaves 15-25mm long by 2-4mm wide inhabiting the Volcanic Plateau and Mt Taranaki. Leaves become narrower towards tip of branches. Branches square in cross-section, soft, fuzzy.

Flora Category

Vascular - Native

NVS Species Code


The National Vegetation Survey (NVS) Databank is a physical archive and electronic databank containing records of over 94,000 vegetation survey plots - including data from over 19,000 permanent plots. NVS maintains a standard set of species code abbreviations that correspond to standard scientific plant names from the Ngä Tipu o Aotearoa - New Zealand Plants database.

Structural Class

Dicotyledonous Trees & Shrubs


Coriaria lurida var. acuminata Cockayne et Allan; Coriaria lurida complex sensu Allan (1961)


Not Threatened

Chromosome No.

2n = 80

Endemic Taxon


Endemic Genus


Endemic Family


Life Cycle and Dispersal

Fleshy berries are dispersed by frugivory (Thorsen et al., 2009).

Poisonous plant

All Coriaria species are poisonous especially the seed inside the black berries. Click on this link for more information about Poisonous native plants.

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