Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera

Common Name(s)

bulbil Watsonia


Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera (J.W.Mathews & L.Bolus) D.A.Cooke



Flora Category

Vascular - Exotic

Structural Class

Monocotyledonous Herbs


Gladiolus-like, clump-forming, summer-green perennial to 2 m tall. Stout corms, 5-7 cm diam, with thick fibrous coat, multiply at ground level. Stem stiffly erect, 2 cm diam. Leaves sword-shaped, 2-5 x 30-60 cm, arising from base, folded, tough, fibrous, light green. Flowers curved, brick-red to salmon pink and 6-8cm long - numerous in a terminal spike. Petals 6, fused. Produces numerous brown cormils in clusters of up to 16 at nodes on the upper stem.

Similar Taxa

Formerly known as Watsonia bulbillifera

Flower Colours

Red / Pink


Not produced. Corms and cormils are spread by machinery, and in dumped garden waste.

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