Bartramia alaris


alaris: axillary

Common Name(s)


Current Conservation Status

2009 - Data Deficient

Conservation status of New Zealand indigenous vascular plants, 2012
The conservation status of all known New Zealand vascular plant taxa at the rank of species and below were reassessed in 2012 using the New Zealand Threat Classification System (NZTCS). This report includes a statistical summary and brief notes on changes since 2009 and replaces all previous NZTCS lists for vascular plants. Authors: Peter J. de Lange, Jeremy R. Rolfe, Paul D. Champion, Shannel P. Courtney, Peter B. Heenan, John W. Barkla, Ewen K. Cameron, David A. Norton and Rodney A. Hitchmough. File size: 792KB

Previous Conservation Status

2004 - Threatened - Nationally Critical


2009 - TO, DP


Bartramia alaris Dixon et Sainsbury



Flora Category

Non Vascular - Native




Indigenous. North Island, Hawkes Bay (Havelock North).


Gracile, tufted, terricolous yellow-green moss of open ground. Stems 10-20 mm tall, simple, slightly radiculose below, densely foliate. Leaves 4.0-4.5 mm long suberect, flexuose when dry but neither crisped nor strict; slightly incurved when moist; from a very short deltoid-triangular base gradually narrowed to a linear-subulate subula, with an robust apex; margins throughout narrowly revolute, bistratose above, spinulose-dentate in two or more rows. Nerve 50-60 microns wide, subequal throughout, projecting dorsally, excurrent, serrate on the back towards the apex. Upper cells 7-10 microns long, very shortly rectangular or subquadrate, obscure and papillose; lower cells in the dilated base pale, empty, narrowly linear; those at the angles laxer, forming a small and distinct but not clearly defined alar group; those at the insertion orange-yellow. Fruits not yet seen.


Not yet seen


Unknown. This species has been collected only once in 1929 from pasture at Havelock North (Hawkes Bay) and it has not been seen since though no one has specifically searched for it either (see Glenny et al. 2011).

Endemic Taxon


Endemic Genus


Endemic Family




Fact sheet prepared for NZPCN by P.J. de Lange (1 October 2007). Description adapted from Sainsbury (1955).

References and further reading

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