Zoopsis bicruris

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Current Conservation Status

2009 - Range Restricted

Conservation status of New Zealand indigenous vascular plants, 2012
The conservation status of all known New Zealand vascular plant taxa at the rank of species and below were reassessed in 2012 using the New Zealand Threat Classification System (NZTCS). This report includes a statistical summary and brief notes on changes since 2009 and replaces all previous NZTCS lists for vascular plants. Authors: Peter J. de Lange, Jeremy R. Rolfe, Paul D. Champion, Shannel P. Courtney, Peter B. Heenan, John W. Barkla, Ewen K. Cameron, David A. Norton and Rodney A. Hitchmough. File size: 792KB


Zoopsis bicruris Glenny et E.A.Br.



Flora Category

Non Vascular - Native

Structural Class



None (first described in 2006)


Endemic. South Island, West Coast, Stockton Plateau, Te Kuha Ridge, Paparoa National Park, Mt Te Kinga, Mt Brown


Diocous, creeping, much-branched, glossy yellow-green matted plants. Shoots 8-10 x 0.41-0.45 mm, apex acute. Stems broad, flat, plano- to biconvex, 0.38-0.40 mm wide. Cells of dorsal surface in two rows, 210-250 x 130-150 x 158-168 microns. Ventral surface cells in 4 rows, central 2 with cells 47-88 x 40-70 x 35-43 microns; outer 2, 95-100 x 53-68 x 40-58 microns. Cells of central strand 9, thin-walled 18-65 x 18-28 microns. Leaves distant, bifid; leaf lobes unicellular, 42-88 x 26-41 microns, ovoid, without oil bodies or chloroplasts. Underleaves vestigial, bifid. Oil bodies of stem cells absent or 1-2 per cell, 6 microns diam., spherical, granular, pale grey. Oil bodies of leaf lobes 6-10 per cell, 5-7 microns diam., spherical, granular. Androecia unknown. Gynoecia on ventral branch 0.5 mm long. Perianth cylindrical 1.4 x 0.41 mm, with 13 teeth, 100-150 microns long. Seta 1.6 mm. Capsule 0.54 x 0.30 mm, in 2 concave segments 0.6 x 0.45 mm, 20 microns thick. Spores 13-14 microns diam. Elaters 100-200 x 9-12 microns.




Recently (2006) described and so undoubtedly undercollected and poorly known. Indications are that it may be better rated Sparse


Fact Sheet Prepared for NZPCN by: P.J. de Lange (5 October 2007). Description adapted from Renner et al (2006)

References and further reading

Renner, M.A.M.; Brown, E.A.; Glenny D.S. 2006: Two new Zoopsis species and their relationships to other zoopsids (Jungermanniopsida: Lepidoziaceae). Journal of Bryology 28: 331-344.

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