Voters' comments for Carmichaelia carmichaeliae

  1. Reuben McDougall (27 Nov 2018)

    It's very nice

  2. Yinghua Chen (21 Nov 2018)

    its so beautiful and so little knwon

  3. Scott Pilkington (20 Nov 2018)

    because it is pretty and when I visit the highlands I see it growing everywhere so it ends up in all of my photos of NZ

  4. Sian Elder (17 Nov 2018)

    It's a pretty plant and it's under threat.

  5. Ruth Evans (16 Nov 2018)

    Because I am concerned about this beautiful plants current conservation status and I hope more public attention is brought to the species

  6. Kate Caldwell (16 Nov 2018)

    What a glorious and special thing this beautiful and critically threatened freak is. It should be made familiar to every citizen of Aoteoroa. I suggest it be grown in free draining gardens everywhere, especially around its home of Marlborough where it naturally resides precariously in a few steep sunny spots. (Seems to be a good flowering year for the carmichaelias this year, too)