Voters' comments for Rhopalostylis sapida

  1. stephanie (10 Nov 2017)

    best plant

  2. Becky Dodunski (10 Nov 2017)

    I just planted Nikau. Love how they look and bird fodder

  3. Edmund Stephen-Smith (8 Nov 2017)

    A favourite of mine.

  4. Halema Jamieson (6 Nov 2017)

    Lush green and beautiful

  5. Matthew Arnet (6 Nov 2017)

    I like the look of Nikau palms

  6. Richard Nichol (3 Nov 2017)

    The nikau is an emblematic species for us in the Buller. I love the pattern in how it grows, including the regularity of its leaves arising from the stem. I love the feeling of the exotic that it adds to our place. Just a very cool plant. I love the fact that you have to be patient with it but dislike the fact that when I've planted it around here it often gets pinched right out of the ground!

  7. David wILLYAMS (2 Nov 2017)

    Unique to NZ. Very attractive. Our only Palm, high biodiversity value. Distinctive. Icon. Long-lived, represents stability, resilience and strength. Cultural Taonga. Links us with the other South Pacific Islands. Represents our Sub-Tropical nature and our tropical flora and people heritage. Needs our protection. Needs us to control introduced seed predators.