Voters' comments for Clianthus puniceus

  1. Shanti Morgan (23 Nov 2019)

    I like it

  2. John Sims (22 Nov 2019)

    Stunning flowers and being critically endangered.

  3. Samwell Warren (22 Nov 2019)

    I like it's colour and bird attracting attributes

  4. yvonne sprey (14 Nov 2019)

    This beautiful plant is so endangered of becoming extinct. yes hybrids exist but the real kakabeak is slowly being eaten away. this is a chance to recognize that it isnt just our native fauna that is on the brink but the whole unique ecosystem including our flora. so beautiful , so susceptible to browsers from deer and possums to snails. it needs every bit of help and awareness from everyone.

  5. Robyn Begley (13 Nov 2019)

    I love colour, and this plant has such beautiful read flowers. Also the fact that it is all but extinct in the wild strengthens my love of this plant. I would love to see it being reintroduced into the wild (more often), in areas of intensive pest control.

  6. Gemma Livingstone (13 Nov 2019)

    It's critically endangered and it's beautiful

  7. Valerie (12 Nov 2019)

    It looks sweet as.

  8. Gavin Treadgold (12 Nov 2019)

    Because it is endangered

  9. Ilka Pelzer (11 Nov 2019)

    It's my favourite

  10. Bex Pilley (11 Nov 2019)

    They are so flashy and fab - and so rare to find in the wild. Time for some extra love.

  11. Masako Nagle (8 Nov 2019)

    It's an important plant for our ecosystem and I love the birds it attracts.

  12. Celeste Sterling (6 Nov 2019)

    I am voting for the critically endangered Kaka Beak in the hope that publicity about its status will encourage people to plant it in their gardens and to look out for it in the wild.

  13. Sarah Bell (5 Nov 2019)

    It is my fatal flaw to be biased towards beautiful blooms; if is special to behold in picture, it must be amazing in person.

  14. Gerda Kuschel (5 Nov 2019)

    I have very fond childhood memories of growng up in Nelson with a beautiful kaka beak plant in my parents' garden. I have treid to grow several plants in Auckland but they keep getting decimated by pests and I understand they are endangered

  15. Michael Williamson (4 Nov 2019)

    Just my favourite

  16. Janine Paynter (3 Nov 2019)

    Love the bright red flower. Plus it reminds me a bit of the Sturt's desert pea. Emblem of South Australia where I grew up

  17. Kate Berard (1 Nov 2019)

    I love the prolific, bright kaka beaks on these trees.

  18. Belinda Sleight (31 Oct 2019)

    It's rare and needs a lift in its profile!! Besides, who doesn't love red flowers?

  19. Jean Hayward (31 Oct 2019)

    I love the cheerful flowers of this plant, especially as we have several kaka birds in our area. Also, I've managed to grow some of these plants from seed, which is quite a feat for me as I am normally a hopeless gardener!

  20. Debbie Woodhall (30 Oct 2019)

    Because it is on the critical list and the Tui love it. and I love the colour