Voters' comments for Urtica ferox

  1. Jo Heatherbell (28 Nov 2018)

    I breed the Red admiral butterfly. I dont always use this nettle, as Im handling nettle alot, but for me it represents and supports Admirals, and has loads of character. Im always looking out for it, and the butterflies.

  2. allanah purdie (28 Nov 2018)

    I love them all I just had to choose one

  3. GRAEME Hill (27 Nov 2018)

    I grow this in my suburban garden as both food for admirals and as a supplementary security alarm, positioned where any intruding fence-climbers are liable to hurl themselves over. An astonishingly over-engineered creature. Bristling with armaments. Somebody tell it the cold war is over. I actually give myself a few stings now and again just for fun. The numbing & tingling can last for days. Great fun.

  4. Brian Patrick (27 Nov 2018)

    Such an important plant in our forest, shrubland and rocky gorge ecology as it hosts so many endemic insects such as noctuid, geometrid and crambid moths and the gorgeous red admiral butterfly that feed as larvae only on its flowers and foliage. And a staunch and uncompromising species too!

  5. Bronwyn (26 Nov 2018)

    I don't like to run into this plant (although I have), but I enjoy admiring it from a safe distance.

  6. Todd McLay (26 Nov 2018)

    I vote out of fear, and hope the next time I encounter this plant in the wild it will leave me alone!

  7. Andrew (22 Nov 2018)

    A native plant that fights back, what's not to like about that?

  8. Andrew Broome (20 Nov 2018)

    Butterfly food.

  9. leighton pearce (19 Nov 2018)

    Tree Nettle is much maligned and even feared, but it is the world's largest Nettle and is a food source for native moths and deserves more appreciation

  10. Carla De boer (17 Nov 2018)

    It is fierce, and often disregarded or feared

  11. Robert Arter-Williamson (17 Nov 2018)

    This is the preferred foodplant of our spectacular endemic Red Admiral butterfly.

  12. Log Rulz (17 Nov 2018)

    Because it gave me a good laugh when I almost sat on one when squatting for a wee.

  13. Sophie Bond (17 Nov 2018)

    Because it is staunch and unforgiving, but often borders the paths to beautiful places.

  14. Paul Brouwers (14 Nov 2018)

    Home for Red Admiral butterfly caterpillars