Voters' comments for Cordyline australis

  1. Judith Swan (5 Nov 2019)

    Because the cabbage tree is like now other tree I know. It just says New Zealand ... everywhere it grows.

  2. Scott Pilkington (4 Nov 2019)

    I've always admired the 'Cabbage Tree', and it was the first plant whose latin name I learned

  3. Donna Coleman-Smith (3 Nov 2019)

    It's iconic. Stands out from the crowd, is easy to grow and feeds the bees

  4. Marina Leenman (1 Nov 2019)

    It forms the backbone of the nz landscape

  5. Rachel Hill (30 Oct 2019)

    Found all over NZ and berries loved my many native birds

  6. Lilian van Alphen (30 Oct 2019)

    Looking out daily on these give me pleasure. The summer perfume of the flowers are a delightful surprise. I collect the dry leaves for starting the winter fire.

  7. Alan Liefting (26 Oct 2019)

    Cordyline australis is an iconic endemic New Zealand species. It has survived Sudden Decline, it can survive fires, it is easy to grow, and the dead leaves makes excellent tinder for starting a fire.

  8. Jane Thompson (25 Oct 2019)

    Iconic NZ plant

  9. Fiona (25 Oct 2019)

    I am voting for the Ti Kouka as it statuesque and stunning in the landscape. They are quintessentially New Zealand.