Voters' comments for Fuchsia excorticata

  1. Win Parkes (29 Nov 2018)

    It is so uniquely different from other plants/trees. Papery bark, green/blue/red flowers which so many birds enjoy, and a fine berry food for birds as well.

  2. Christine (28 Nov 2018)

    A lovely stalwart of the bush, with gorgeous flowers like delicate dancing ladies.

  3. Megan Wraight (26 Nov 2018)

    I love plants and value the work NZPCN do

  4. Ganges Lim (22 Nov 2018)

    Few flowers are green when unpollinated and red when pollinated. Also they provide a ecosystem service to our many birds.

  5. Mike Loose (20 Nov 2018)

    Largest Fuchsia in the world.

  6. Judith Swan (20 Nov 2018)

    because it has a beautiful flower and is a bird magnet

  7. Mj Creswick (18 Nov 2018)

    Only tree fuchsia in the world- bushmans tobacco

  8. Carol Armstrong (18 Nov 2018)

    I have always liked its papery bark and flowers

  9. alice macklow (18 Nov 2018)

    the berries are yum!

  10. Nikki Cain (16 Nov 2018)

    It is the most beautiful