Voters' comments for Agathis australis

  1. Michael Watson (25 Nov 2019)

    Because it is a keystone species in peril!

  2. MG Hudson (24 Nov 2019)

    He taonga tukuiho.

  3. Jack Craw (19 Nov 2019)

    It will likely be extinct on public land within 30 years

  4. LAR ROMSDAL (16 Nov 2019)

    It is a huge tree species, originating from Antarctica, the Kauri is a national treasure and heritage species. It is significant for Te Ao Maori.

  5. Julie (13 Nov 2019)

    Beautiful giant of the forest.

  6. Ivan Lin (7 Nov 2019)

    There needs to be greater awareness created for the majestic Kauri, which is at risk from Kauri dieback disease.

  7. Sarah Wyse (25 Oct 2019)

    NZ's largest and longest lived tree species, which has considerable effects on the soil conditions and plant communities beneath it's canopies, creating distinct ecosytems. A foundation species in our northern forests, which needs a bit of help from us at the moment. If we lost it, we would loose more than a single species.

  8. Alice (25 Oct 2019)

    I think kauri are so cool because of how massive they grow