Voters' comments for Avicennia marina subsp. australasica

  1. Ti Meteri (25 Nov 2019)

    Mum and Dad

  2. Hana Meteri (25 Nov 2019)

    For the whanau...

  3. Mark Peters (25 Nov 2019)

    Our future as coastal house holders is dependant upon this species. If we didn't have them where would we be?

  4. Ralf Meteri (25 Nov 2019)

    We need them!

  5. Claire (25 Nov 2019)

    We have these in Oz too

  6. Antony Kusabs (25 Nov 2019)

    Mangroves play a valuable role in New Zealand's northern coastal ecosystems. They provide essential habitat, dampen the impacts of tsunami, and filter and mitigate sediment. This species sometimes expands its range as a result of increased sedimentation loading in estuaries. This is the environmental response of papatuanuku to poor land use and they should never be clear cut. Go Manawa!

  7. Jay (25 Nov 2019)

    Because of the positive information that I have heard from my co-workers.

  8. Jeff Tatum (25 Nov 2019)

    In Florida where I'm from, mangroves are common and their role is well understood. It would be great to see that here.

  9. Diana Burton (25 Nov 2019)

    They're a fascinating and largely ignored tree that plays a vital part in our wetlands. And the roots look really cool.

  10. Ben Tulloch (25 Nov 2019)

    Because they look cool

  11. David Tulloch (25 Nov 2019)

    Very cool plants.

  12. KJ Smith (25 Nov 2019)

    Just love a good mangrove or two!

  13. Richard Freestone (25 Nov 2019)

    They are probably the most important plant in New Zealand (and globally) for everything that they do for people and they're only going to get more important as climate change affects this world. This is because they protect shorelines from damaging storm and hurricane winds, waves, and floods. They also help prevent erosion by stabilizing sediments with their tangled root systems. They maintain water quality and clarity, filtering pollutants and trapping sediments originating from land. And they are a breeding ground for lots of wonderful sea creatures, including many species of shark.

  14. Eloise Boam (25 Nov 2019)

    Peer pressure.

  15. Harold Hill (25 Nov 2019)

    We need it, and awareness needs to be raised to preserve its remaining habitat!

  16. Anita Woods (24 Nov 2019)

    It's ecologically important

  17. Fiona Duckworth (24 Nov 2019)

    Mangrove - super important for the health of the planet

  18. Michael Sutorius (23 Nov 2019)

    To stop erosion

  19. Nina Tulloch (23 Nov 2019)

    Because old, rich white dudes don't like them.

  20. Ron Weri (23 Nov 2019)

    We need this plant to secure our coasts!!!

  21. Jim Black (23 Nov 2019)

    Very important plant to nz.

  22. Stephen McNally (22 Nov 2019)

    i've seen the benefits of this plant in coastal ecosystem situations

  23. Nicole Middleton (22 Nov 2019)

    It's beautiful

  24. Chusit (22 Nov 2019)

    Mangrove is very important to protect ecosystem around estuary and coastal areas.

  25. Brendon Schicker (22 Nov 2019)

    Mostly because I don't want Rhabdothamnus solandri to win :)

  26. Karwin Perez (22 Nov 2019)

    Mangrove ecosystems are some of the most important worldwide. Not only do they serve as nurseries for a whole suite of marine species, but their root structures stabilise sediment, and their surrounding soils sequester carbon. If that isn't enough, they also protect coastal communities from the violence of storm surges. Sadly, they are undervalued and oftentimes fall to new developments that don't adequately take into account their ecosystem services. When they go, you can expect stagnant waters, mired in slurry of suspended sediment, still without jolting fish and silent without the croaks of kingfishers. A vote for the mangrove is a vote for healthy lands, water and air; a vote for the wild array of species at the conflux of worlds; a vote for communities safe from the ravages of the sea, but bathed in its bounty. A vote for the mangrove is a vote for our interconnections, from the mountains to the sea.

  27. sarah (22 Nov 2019)

    Because it helps our coastal ecosystems and it also has benefits for coastal protection. And especially because it has a very bad reputation that it does not deserve and people is getting rid of them with no consent.

  28. nico strydom (22 Nov 2019)

    cool plant

  29. Ana Serrano (22 Nov 2019)

    Because it helps our coastal ecosystems and it also has benefits for coastal protection. And specially because it has a very bad reputation that it does not deserve.

  30. Andrew Boldero (22 Nov 2019)

    Reduces coastal erosion

  31. Dorcas Adjei-Sasu (22 Nov 2019)

    Mangroves are great for reducing coastal erosion

  32. Rebecca Francis (22 Nov 2019)

    Mangroves are great to reduce coastal erosion

  33. Hannah West (22 Nov 2019)

    It is great to reduce coastal erosion

  34. kirsty (22 Nov 2019)


  35. Louise Algeo (22 Nov 2019)

    i like mangroves

  36. Hannah Williams (22 Nov 2019)

    It's a good one

  37. Judith Galbraith (22 Nov 2019)

    How cool is a tree that lives in water, especially salt water.

  38. Mark Osbourne (22 Nov 2019)

    So good to see this awesome plant getting recognition. They stop our boat ramp getting silted over.

  39. Lynsey Brown (22 Nov 2019)

    An important species - plus reminds me of primary school excursions to study mangroves in Australia!

  40. Janet Brady (21 Nov 2019)

    Because mangroves are so important for their ecological services

  41. Bec Stanley (21 Nov 2019)

    Forests of the sea - see them everyday on my way to work and I love them.

  42. Kim Allen (21 Nov 2019)

    Important but under-rated

  43. Adelaide Wilson (21 Nov 2019)

    I was asked to vote for this plant by a botanist's husband (also my team lead at work) and was told that this plant deserves more recognition.

  44. Syd (21 Nov 2019)

    Mangroves are undervalued and important species for NZ

  45. Brendan Stevenson (21 Nov 2019)

    The kidneys of the sea and the nursery of yummy things!

  46. Rhys Gordon (20 Nov 2019)

    Because my mum told me to.

  47. Craig Gordon (19 Nov 2019)

    Ecologically important, and very under-rated

  48. Ryan Gordon (19 Nov 2019)

    Because it's ecologically valuable and vastly underrated.

  49. Vera Burton (18 Nov 2019)

    Very important plant interms of ecology and cleaning up water. Very under appreciated

  50. David Burton (17 Nov 2019)


  51. Peter Sommer (11 Nov 2019)

    Mangroves are an integral part of the environment, providing habitat for aquatic species and protecting the land from erosion

  52. Carl Howarth (11 Nov 2019)

    I love a misunderstood underdog

  53. Mike Williams (8 Nov 2019)

    We need these up here in Auckland. The most import coastal plant, in my opinion, without which there would be less areas to live and recreate on.

  54. Eleanor Burton (7 Nov 2019)

    Very underrated plant with an important ecological role

  55. helli ward (7 Nov 2019)

    Unfairly demonised. We will be loving these more and more as natural defences against increased storm surges to help protect our coastal communities.

  56. Jo Burton (6 Nov 2019)

    Hugely underrated and enormously important for managing sediment and coastal ecosystem health

  57. Emma Hunt (30 Oct 2019)

    They are supremely important in our esturarine environments - they are amazingly broad in the systems that they help with and are really hardy and resilient. I think they're great