Voters' comments for Drosera binata

  1. Rose Clearwater (25 Nov 2019)

    It's a freaking wetland place to that eats insects

  2. Anna (25 Nov 2019)


  3. Ryan Hodzelmans (25 Nov 2019)

    My friend told me I had to....

  4. Seth Darrell (25 Nov 2019)

    Because the fucker eats everything like a boss

  5. David Tait (25 Nov 2019)

    It's super badass

  6. Daan Heeneman (25 Nov 2019)

    It's flowering so pretty.

  7. Alisha Sherriff (25 Nov 2019)

    Because it's cute and eats bugs

  8. Timmy Cooper (25 Nov 2019)

    Down with stupid mangrove

  9. Lyndeye Newton (25 Nov 2019)

    It's neat!

  10. Man bird (25 Nov 2019)

    It eats meat

  11. Reuben McDougall (25 Nov 2019)

    It's cool I guess

  12. finn michalak (25 Nov 2019)

    Because it is wonderful...

  13. Luke bird (25 Nov 2019)

    Because its a plant that eats freaking insects

  14. Kate Caldwell (25 Nov 2019)

    Two delicate dewy koru come together to form a heart . Then it eats insects nom nom nom nom

  15. Ria Kemp (14 Nov 2019)

    A beautiful plant for our precious wetlands

  16. Douglas Snelling (14 Nov 2019)

    We have large areas of D. binata in our sphagnum raised bogs.

  17. kaylene Gauld (14 Nov 2019)

    It's lovely and it's scented. We've also been recommended this one by a wetland plants expert.

  18. Brodie (13 Nov 2019)

    I always liked day of the triffids

  19. Goldie (13 Nov 2019)

    The farmed becomes the farmer... plants that eat animals are awesome

  20. Andrew Broome (13 Nov 2019)

    Because Drosera are cool. :)

  21. Charlotte Fletcher (13 Nov 2019)

    I've never seen a sundew with such a wonderful shape, and it would be great to see a carnivorous winner

  22. Monica Jasper (12 Nov 2019)

    It's beautiful, carnivorous, spindly, unique, and lives in our important wetlands

  23. Jean Jack (12 Nov 2019)

    Tough choice between this and my usual fav Cor aus ... but here goes...

  24. Vivienne Ong (12 Nov 2019)

    a lovely scented wetland plant

  25. Rachel (12 Nov 2019)

    I love how clever this plant is, and that it lives in peat bogs, which is a great carbon sink. In our part of NZ it is also becoming rare because of the state of our lowland wetland, so by protecting this plant, we are also protecting very important habitat.

  26. Frances Schmechel (11 Nov 2019)

    Encouraged by Jason Butt/ National Wetlands Trust.

  27. Billy Bluejeans (8 Nov 2019)

    Because I am a long time fan of riotous shapes and glistening colours. I am also a big fan of the Carnivorous Plant Society, and of wetlands. And lastly, because I am a big fan of the ocean and because someone pointed out to me baby Drosera binata (under a zoom lens) look like an underwater coral community.

  28. Margaret Meehan (7 Nov 2019)

    This quick-growing plant is living behind glass on our verandah while it finds its feet. Under a zoom lens the baby plants are a hallucinatory trip of riotous shapes and glistening colours.

  29. Melanie Dixon (7 Nov 2019)

    I am already a member

  30. Jason Butt (7 Nov 2019)

    Carnivorous plants are fascinating and wetlands, where they are found, are already much reduced in extent and number so it is as much about valuing and protecting their habitat as it is about valuing this plant for its indisputable beauty.