Voters' comments for Tradescantia fluminensis

  1. Catriona Gower (11 Nov 2017)

    It just seems unstoppable! The first time I encountered it I was shocked by the whole hillsides covered in it, preventing everything else except large trees from growing. The only positive I have found in its favour is that skinks love to hide under it - hidden, damp safe home full of slugs to eat!

  2. Lucy Roberts (10 Nov 2017)

    Sprouting everywhere even in our garage!!????

  3. Lana (10 Nov 2017)

    It's a nightmare!

  4. Jonathan Wood (9 Nov 2017)

    Constantly clearing this horror - also dislike Jasimne

  5. Marley Ford (7 Nov 2017)

    Because its every where

  6. James Brock (7 Nov 2017)

    Tradescrantia smothers the forest regeneration niche preventing seedlings from establishing - this will significantly influence the structure and composition of forests wherever it invades... wretched thang...

  7. Emily Edkins (6 Nov 2017)


  8. Ruth Beuke (6 Nov 2017)

    Because I have a QEII covenant full of tradescantia that I am trying to control!

  9. Robert Schadewinkel (3 Nov 2017)

    Just the hardest to kill and most persisting weed around - a true nightmare