Voters' comments for Ulex europaeus

  1. Cassian Milne (10 Nov 2017)

    It is ugly, pervasive and can block out land for any other use (including nice native growth).

  2. Craig Montgomerie (7 Nov 2017)

    It's everywhere!

  3. Roger White (7 Nov 2017)

    Really? It's just not being controlled. Come on councils step up!

  4. Matthew Arnet (6 Nov 2017)

    It is too widespread and painful to touch. It also puts a lot of nitrogen into waterways

  5. Kathryn (5 Nov 2017)

    Spend so much time battling gorse everywhere in nz

  6. Monique Sutton (2 Nov 2017)

    It looks terrible and is super prickly/thorny, spreads quickly and is hard/impossibly to completely eradicate