Voters' comments for Rubus ulmifolius

  1. Brenda Johnston (11 Nov 2017)

    I have a love-hate relationship with this plant. It crawls all over the newly planted seedlings at restoration sites. This makes it harder to use spraying to control it among existing vegetation. You have to use loppers to control it but every dropped piece grows into a new plant. On the positive side it does have tasty berries which are fun to pick despite the risk of scratches from the thorns.

  2. Rebecca Teele (7 Nov 2017)


  3. Terri Johnson (6 Nov 2017)

    This is the meanest, nastiest, plant to clear from a section. My husband and I have looked like we just came back from a battle with wild cats after clearing this!

  4. Michael Johnson (6 Nov 2017)

    As soon as you think it's gone, it's back. I have scars from it.