Voters' comments for Berberis darwinii

  1. William Gamble (10 Nov 2017)

    Because it is shade tolerant and easily spread by birds. It can be feasibly eradicated from Stewart island,.

  2. Edmund Stephen-Smith (8 Nov 2017)

    Spikey weed. Forms difficult to remove infestations. I remove lots in Zealandia.

  3. Letitia Mcritchie (7 Nov 2017)

    Spreads rapidly and wide and far

  4. Ruth (7 Nov 2017)

    I deal with plant a lot at work in Biodiversity. It is nasty in every way! I would have voted for Old Man's Beard as that's the worst we deal with but it's not there! DB is a worthy alternative.

  5. Jesse Bythell (2 Nov 2017)

    This is a serious and most alarming weed. It is spread by birds, can tolerate shade and invades forest and open country alike. It is my 'Public Enemy Number One'!