Voters' comments for Convolvulus arvensis

  1. Miles Brown (29 Nov 2017)

    Its prolific, rampant throughout our area, and like the Hydra you cut off one head and 3 more heads grow back. Keeps trying to take over the bush part of our section plus get into our garden. Council don't bother doing anything about it so its always there on the council land next to ours.

  2. Becky Dodunski (10 Nov 2017)

    Ahhh I hate this weed.

  3. Joe Potter Butler (7 Nov 2017)

    All-smothering and difficult to get rid of.

  4. Katherine Hughes (2 Nov 2017)

    It invades most habitats, has endless root systems and climbs over plants in such a way that it is very hard to control.