Voters' comments for Caladenia alata

  1. George (30 Nov 2018)

    Last minute harassment paying off...

  2. Yuki Akai (30 Nov 2018)

    These are treasure. All treasure should get notice and respect.

  3. Pat McNanamen (30 Nov 2018)

    Surely with all of the good will this cutey deserves to win...

  4. Leslie (30 Nov 2018)

    Plants like this are the ones that make life good. they are slight but amazing...

  5. Matu Rogers (30 Nov 2018)

    Small is worthy

  6. Charlotte Wood (30 Nov 2018)

    Its amazing but under threat from myrtle rust!

  7. Claire (30 Nov 2018)

    What's not to love about this cute wee flower

  8. Matt Wood (30 Nov 2018)

    This has to be the most gorgeous and lovely plant we have in this country. How has an orchid never won before? I hope it does.

  9. Chad Raestfield (30 Nov 2018)

    So nice, it deserves to win!

  10. Jake House (30 Nov 2018)

    My cousin loves these wierdos

  11. Steph Kendall (30 Nov 2018)

    Rare beauty

  12. Pete Fowler (30 Nov 2018)

    Simply stunning.

  13. Aluce (30 Nov 2018)

    Orchids are cool

  14. Mike T (30 Nov 2018)

    I like orchids and this one is a lovely native one

  15. Harry Jones (30 Nov 2018)

    Because it's beautiful.

  16. Helen (30 Nov 2018)

    I prefer birds TBH but this orchid is pretty damn cool

  17. Craig Harrison (30 Nov 2018)

    Matt asked me to.

  18. Jacqui Burt (30 Nov 2018)


  19. Pania Shingleten (30 Nov 2018)

    They are so gorgeous!

  20. Nick (30 Nov 2018)

    It has gorgeous features!

  21. Tim Jaray (30 Nov 2018)

    Save the manuka orchid!

  22. Serena Jones (30 Nov 2018)

    Quite beautiful and brave! I love the way it charges ahead and flowers early in the spring. I'll be looking out for it.

  23. Greg Crowther (30 Nov 2018)


  24. Richard Trow (30 Nov 2018)

    Orchids rock!!

  25. Craig (30 Nov 2018)


  26. Dianna Caird (30 Nov 2018)

    It is pretty and I love orchids.

  27. Mike Wood (30 Nov 2018)

    Such a great plant and family needing recognition.

  28. Murray (30 Nov 2018)

    By far a the smallest little gem of a plant

  29. David Plumtree (30 Nov 2018)

    It is the best plant in NZ full stop. And that's no wiggity

  30. Mike Doyle (30 Nov 2018)

    It is the best plant in NZ

  31. Tim Campbell (30 Nov 2018)

    If you have ever seen one of these, or in fact any of our orchids you would vote for it too. Always a treat to see and enjoy. Good luck little one.

  32. Aron Redman (30 Nov 2018)

    Go the orchid!

  33. Michael (30 Nov 2018)

    Because it is a beautiful little plant

  34. Ondrea Rass (30 Nov 2018)

    It needs our attention and recognition

  35. Vicki Addison (30 Nov 2018)

    it's da bomb

  36. Courtney (30 Nov 2018)

    It's pretty

  37. joanna mason (30 Nov 2018)

    Its a top plant

  38. jennie mcmurran (30 Nov 2018)

    orchids are amazing

  39. Nick Jolly (30 Nov 2018)

    This plant doesn't have prickles so I like it

  40. Jennifer Price (30 Nov 2018)

    Way less of a jerk than all the other plants.

  41. Carly O'Connor (30 Nov 2018)

    Cos Helli told me to :)

  42. Carl Howarth (30 Nov 2018)

    I was lobbied by this plant

  43. Mary Cooper (30 Nov 2018)

    Orchids never seem to get much notice.

  44. Deb Morgan (30 Nov 2018)

    Because we have its cousin growing in the scrub behind our place.

  45. Maureen (30 Nov 2018)

    It is delicate and beautiful

  46. David (30 Nov 2018)

    Simply worthy

  47. Doug Silver (30 Nov 2018)

    Great plant needing attention.

  48. mike Lusk (30 Nov 2018)

    C. alata is a beautiful native orchid, which, were it larger would doubtless be better known. This in fact applies to many of the NZ orchid species which seem to have become rather less flamboyant since they migrated from Oz.

  49. Ben Biddington (30 Nov 2018)

    It is clearly the best

  50. Charlotte Boys (30 Nov 2018)

    It could be in danger from myrtle rust

  51. Lottie Sterck (30 Nov 2018)

    Because it's rare and beautiful

  52. Kyla (30 Nov 2018)

    Such a striking little flower with a beautiful colour.

  53. Rod (30 Nov 2018)

    Because NZ Orchids are relatively unknown

  54. Kel Stoneman (30 Nov 2018)

    I have seen these and was not aware they were orchids. They seem to like growing on the edge of the pink manuka up here. The things you learn, good luck little guy.

  55. Frewin Ries (30 Nov 2018)

    I love orchids. The vegetable sheep was a close second

  56. Vivienne (30 Nov 2018)

    I want to see this little beauty in the wild. Lets bring some attention to them.

  57. Mark Moorhouse (30 Nov 2018)

    New Zealand's 200+ orchid species are totally under-recognized by the general public which means they are also missing out on some of New Zealand's most beautiful flowers due to their lack of size and relatively unknown status.

  58. Melanie Ries (30 Nov 2018)

    It has a beautiful flower.

  59. Katie Burgham (30 Nov 2018)

    Love native orchids.

  60. Matt Ries (30 Nov 2018)

    By far the most overlooked beautiful plant in NZ. Just by existing it makes the world a better place.

  61. Wenfeng Liu (30 Nov 2018)

    The color is bright and the flower is very beautiful!!!

  62. Qigen (30 Nov 2018)

    Very beautiful plant.

  63. HONGWEI JIANG (30 Nov 2018)

    Really like this one, greetings from China!

  64. Cheryl Dawson (29 Nov 2018)

    One of natures natural beauties tiny and often overlooked

  65. IAN ST GEORGE (29 Nov 2018)

    It is strikingly pretty, rather rare, and an orchid winner would draw attention to this interesting group of plants.

  66. Alasdair Nicoll (29 Nov 2018)

    Bring attention to some of the lesser plants in the bush that most people don't know about

  67. Gordon Sylvester (29 Nov 2018)

    Its common name was ladies fingers. And I deserves recognition as a beautiful and valuable flower. Even if it only come from Jafa territory

  68. Pene (29 Nov 2018)

    Support a local species...

  69. Gloria Turner (29 Nov 2018)

    So hard to find and see, everyone should take the time to enjoy the lesser things in life.

  70. Emma Ditch (29 Nov 2018)

    Go Orchid!!

  71. Sarah (29 Nov 2018)

    Orchids need recognition.

  72. Kirsty (29 Nov 2018)

    I want to see such a lovely wee orchid, how cute!

  73. James Campbell (29 Nov 2018)

    Small and rare

  74. Blake Worsfold (29 Nov 2018)

    Aesthetics, and the fact that native orchids don't get a lot of love.

  75. Maddy (29 Nov 2018)

    Most beautiful plant in NZ

  76. Marilyn Wright (29 Nov 2018)

    Orchids are the best!

  77. Jack Warden (29 Nov 2018)

    I am voting for this plant as orchids are fascinating as they are little understood. Flower periods are generally very short but when they do flower they are very impressive. A species such as this is generally overlooked.

  78. Zar Petterson (28 Nov 2018)

    I have seen these and they deserve voting for. So nice to see once you take a picture and look at them up close so wonderful. If they might be affected by myrtle rust that would be terrible.

  79. Dean Latter (28 Nov 2018)

    Orchids are always overlooked and underappreciated!

  80. David Campbell (28 Nov 2018)

    We have this species cousin on our place and it is such a treat to find such a delicate little treasure as these whilst taking a walk. Good luck for the win.

  81. Betty Tourner (28 Nov 2018)

    Such a beautiful thing!

  82. Jodie Mabe (28 Nov 2018)

    Like others have said, so small and delicate. Let the little plants have their say too.

  83. Guy Griffiths (27 Nov 2018)

    A real treat to see occasionally if you look hard enough.

  84. Hannah (27 Nov 2018)

    I have seen these little bundles of colour before but didn't pay much attention to them, now I will!! I hope my vote helps them win.

  85. Adam Patuwai (27 Nov 2018)

    i appreciate its imperfect form in the picture taken i want to know what it looks like in full bloom

  86. Chris Toft (26 Nov 2018)

    Such a small plant must easily be affected by changes, especially plants associated with it potentially being harmed by myrtle rust. They needs more votes.

  87. Monique Patterson (26 Nov 2018)

    Im new to our native orchids love learning about them.

  88. Vicki Wilson (26 Nov 2018)

    Love orchids,especially native ones??

  89. Supriya Singh (26 Nov 2018)

    I love orchids!

  90. Allan Ducker (26 Nov 2018)

    Native orchids are not known by lots of people . They do not know there are over a 160 named native orchids with lots more with tag names ( undescribed ) There are only 10 ehpytic (perching )out of the 160

  91. Aaron (26 Nov 2018)

    We have something like this one near us, needs more recognition, so small.

  92. Tim (26 Nov 2018)

    Orchids for the win

  93. Ailish McElroy (26 Nov 2018)

    Simply gorgeous!!

  94. Jay Leitch (25 Nov 2018)

    Good reasons below that I agree with.

  95. Steve Ryan (24 Nov 2018)

    I like orchids, its nice to see them when walking, and the fact this one is representing them in the plant of year deserves my vote!

  96. Lynne Street (24 Nov 2018)

    So few NZers realise we have native Orchids, and this represents one of the most colourful of the best.

  97. Barrett Pistoll (23 Nov 2018)

    This vote is for all the orchids that have missed out in the past!

  98. Helli (23 Nov 2018)

    Matt made me do it.

  99. Keith Pilgrim (23 Nov 2018)

    A beautiful, under rated orchid

  100. Jennifer Ward (23 Nov 2018)

    Love how dainty this is & think it is a bit special

  101. Marion (23 Nov 2018)

    Such a sweet little treasure needs more recognition.

  102. Iggy Holmberg (23 Nov 2018)

    Why not? It is very nice plant if you see.

  103. Robbie Graham (23 Nov 2018)

    I just love this little orchid.

  104. Kristy Grant (23 Nov 2018)

    Beautiful specimen!

  105. Charlotte (23 Nov 2018)

    What a treasure worthy of the title

  106. Noel Townsley (22 Nov 2018)

    It is a great colour, and looks lovely growing out of the moss, and being quite rare, could do with being appreciated by a wider audience.

  107. William Ries (22 Nov 2018)

    Because it is a native orchid, also being so tiny they are often not even noticed.

  108. Karen Ward (22 Nov 2018)

    A beautiful plant needing protection from any association with Myrtle Rust. Problem.

  109. Simon (22 Nov 2018)

    Because Matt Ward asked me to consider voting for an orchid, and this one looks beautiful.

  110. George van Boven (22 Nov 2018)

    because it's an orchid

  111. Ann-Marie Stanley (22 Nov 2018)

    This plant i have voted for is beautiful, delicate and well woth the vote

  112. Wendy Carswell (22 Nov 2018)

    So gorgeous, I mean really, whats not to love.

  113. Gretchen Williams (22 Nov 2018)

    They're so delicate, rare and beautiful... and way under-acknowledged

  114. Nelson Mankelow (22 Nov 2018)

    Any of our orchids are always a treasure to find when taking a walk or tramp in the bush.

  115. Michael Szabo (20 Nov 2018)

    Our native orchids are fantastic and this is one of the most sublime.

  116. Doyle August (20 Nov 2018)

    Our native orchids being so small are so often overlooked; by making them plant of the year they may get more recognition

  117. Rob (20 Nov 2018)

    I just love the many different species of NZ orchids & think they are very underrated plants

  118. Kirsty Williams (20 Nov 2018)

    Native orchids are only small in size and deserve to be known like the bigger guys, plus a flower that is simply stunning

  119. Fleur Hirst (20 Nov 2018)

    Our orchids are often overlooked.

  120. Jason Douglas (20 Nov 2018)

    Great poster child!

  121. Chris Puttick (19 Nov 2018)

    I think we found these near the Bay of Islands when I lived there. Very pretty compared to the other dust covered plants on the roadside.

  122. Matt Ward (19 Nov 2018)

    This minuscule species is a real gem to find whilst exploring, difficult and rewarding to locate whilst on hands and knees. Coloured either white or pink or a mixture of both, like many of our orchids a macro lens on your camera allows you enjoy its delicate and intricate beauty, such a treasure!! Myrtle Rust could likely affect this species and others in the Caladenia genus due to their association with Kunzea and Leptospermum.