Voters' comments for Xeronema callistemon f. bracteosa

  1. Heather Baird (20 Nov 2018)

    I love it's surprising bright red flowers coming out from strong strap leaves.

  2. Jim Betts (18 Nov 2018)

    It missed being discovered for a long time (presumably being mistaken as a Phormium high up on cliffs)- until it was seen to flower - and then -a showy & unusual flower.

  3. Susie McCutcheon (18 Nov 2018)

    It is so beautiful and different. Would love to be able to put this in our native gardens - is it obtainable commercially?

  4. Peter Beaver (17 Nov 2018)

    Angular form, stunning flowers, slow to grow, very precious!

  5. Denise MacKenzie (15 Nov 2018)

    This plant has the most stunning red flowers that last for ages.