Voters' comments for Leptinella nana

  1. Nick Vause (18 Nov 2019)

    Because a conservation friend looks after them :)

  2. Pamela Freeman (17 Nov 2019)

    to support it because its local

  3. Paul Callister (15 Nov 2019)

    It is a very rare local plant

  4. Tim Park (14 Nov 2019)

    its the best

  5. Vanessa Jackson (14 Nov 2019)

    Because it is so rare and it grows in my community.It is precious and deserves to be saved and cared for.

  6. Penny Krieg (13 Nov 2019)

    Rare plant championed by our local plant restoration group Whitireia Park. Provides nectar for skinks / gechos. :) - Thank you

  7. Julia White (13 Nov 2019)

    its a lovely delicate plant, we have something similar on the greens at the Hutt Bowling Club.

  8. Lisa (13 Nov 2019)

    It's rare and in my background, Whitireia

  9. Astrid van Meeuwen-Dijkgraaf (13 Nov 2019)

    It is a Titahi Bay resident, like me.

  10. Edmund Stephen-Smith (12 Nov 2019)

    Tiny & vulnerable.

  11. Robyn Smith (12 Nov 2019)

    Its tiny and beautiful and significant to the the world. Its yellow flower is only 1-2mm across but provides nectar ti native insects and lizards. This plant is difficult to keep alive as its habitat is do modified but get the right conditions and it thrives. Nationally critical.