Voters' comments for Pittosporum obcordatum

  1. Janet Newell (22 Nov 2019)

    A distinctive plant in threatened frost flat communities.

  2. Leila Sade (22 Nov 2019)

    I always love it when I see it!

  3. sandra wotherspoon (10 Nov 2019)

    an emblem of our disappearing frost flats and riparian forests. Plus it is a cool tree

  4. Ashley Campbell (10 Nov 2019)

    It is so recognisable and structural, and the scent of the flowers is just beautiful. Plus, I'm sick of people hating on it!

  5. Louise Stella (10 Nov 2019)

    As above

  6. Sandra Wotherspoon (6 Nov 2019)

  7. Sarah Wright (2 Nov 2019)

    it needs attention even though it is shy and hiding

  8. Patrick (31 Oct 2019)

    Because it's cute and almost winning

  9. terry van vught (29 Oct 2019)

    its the fineist looking pittosporum it should be more widely planted

  10. Ruth Barton (27 Oct 2019)

    Again, it is cute. This website is massively unintuitive to use.

  11. Sue McGaw (26 Oct 2019)

    This awesome plant not only looks good, provides eco-services, its a real battler! With Fuchsia excorticata i found it exposed on the high ridges of Little River Valley, so I trialed it in my thesis study and it did really well! now I know what to look for I see it in lovely pockets of bush everywhere, filtering the light and looking graceful.

  12. Sophie Carey (25 Oct 2019)

    Aesthetically pleasing & robust.

  13. Jesse Bythell (25 Oct 2019)

    The more I learn about this plant the more I am intrigued. It has specialised in living in the harshest places (cold, flooded, infertile wet spots in floodplain forests) where it waits for natural disturbance events to wipe out the competition so it's babies can germinate in the gaps. However, sadly this species is threatened by loss of habitat and disruption of natural flooding events.