This is a library of books made by Network members using the website book-making facility.
Please download any of the books below or start making your own.
  1. Description: Plants of the upper Rakaia River catchment
    Author: Frances Schmechel
    Date: 30 Jul 2013
  2. Description: This selection of plants grows with kauri and this book has been collated for the Auckland Botanic Gardens display on kauri April-May 2013.
    Author: Bec Stanley
    Date: 25 Apr 2013
  3. Description: Raketapauma swamp native herbs
    Author: Graeme La Cock
    Date: 18 Jan 2013
  4. Description: Threatened plants in the area that surrounds Lake Poterteri. Southland Conservancy are interested in observations.
    Author: Brian Rance
    Date: 16 Jan 2013
  5. Description: Bream Head Scenic Reserve - Selection of regionally significant plants
    Author: Wendy Holland
    Date: 9 Nov 2012