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  1. Plant Identification

    Started by: Matt Upton
    (Non-member from Auckland), 6 Nov 18 15:55

    Comments/Replies: 2

    Latest: Matt Upton
    (Non-member from Auckland)
    6 Nov 18 15:55

  2. Correct plant names

    Started by: Rhonda Whitehead
    (Non-member from Auckland), 6 Nov 18 14:43

    Comments/Replies: 2

    Latest: Rhonda Whitehead
    (Non-member from Auckland)
    6 Nov 18 14:43

  3. Hebe

    Started by: Sally
    (Non-member from Waikato District), 30 Oct 18 13:20

    Comments/Replies: 3

    Latest: Sally
    (Non-member from Waikato District)
    30 Oct 18 13:20

  4. Plant Idenification

    Started by: Ann-Marie Payne
    (Non-member from Christchurch City), 30 Oct 18 10:16

    Comments/Replies: 2

    Latest: Ann-Marie Payne
    (Non-member from Christchurch City)
    30 Oct 18 10:16

  5. Tecomanthe speciosa

    Started by: Russell Ogilvy
    (Non-member from Auckland), 29 Oct 18 12:58

    Comments/Replies: 2

    Latest: Russell Ogilvy
    (Non-member from Auckland)
    29 Oct 18 12:58

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