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  1. Differentiating Melicytus aff. alpinus 'Blondin' and other forms of Melicytus aff. alpinus

  2. Does Melicytus aff. alpinus 'Blondin' typically have orangish stems ? Some plants now available in the nursery trade exhibit that trait, and one of the few images available of it seems to show that.

    There are a considerable number of people who are interested in the different forms that are described as Melicytus aff. alpinus. Even though a comprehensive revision may not happen until some time in the future, it would be great to have some more information than that which is provided in Eagle's (particularly photos). Would anybody be willing to write something brief (with photos) for Trilepidea, to aid in furthering understanding of that group ?

  3. The genus is under revision by Dr Brian Molloy and Dr Peter Heenan - any questions.queries about the unofficially recognised entities should be directed to one of those people.

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