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  1. Schizeilema sp

  2. I found this growing in the Blowhard Bush in the foothills of the Kaweka Range and wonder if it might be Schizeilema colensoi or Schizeilema nitens, neither of which are illustrated on the NZPCN site. Thanks, Mike Lusk

  3. Hi Mike

    Although your plant appears glabrous it looks more to me like S. trifoliolatum (see than anything else. Schizeilema nitens (as the epithet suggests) has adaxially extremely glossy leaves which are only sparingly toothed; it could be S. colensoi (which I don't personally know) but that species is described as having a lateral pair of blunt teeth, or apices with are retuse or entire, further in S. colensoi the leaf margins are described as slightly thickened and recurved. These features are not evident in your image either. I can add that Schizeilema is in serious need of a modern taxonomic revision, the descriptions available of the species are wanting...


    Peter J. de Lange

  4. Hi Mike

    Thanks for emailing me at my work address - sorry you can't load your images up, Your images are all, as you thought, S. trifoliolatum. However, I see that having said I personally don't know S. colensoi - it transpires I collected it from the Waimarino Plain in 2005. Its a much bigger plant than S. trifoliolatum, quite glabrous and with deeply toothed leaves.


    Peter J. de Lange

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