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  1. Melianthus major

  2. Do tui and/or waxeye, or other native fauna, feed on it? There is a large area to be controlled, adjacent to a Flame Tree invasion (2 large dense stands and numerous smaller tones) which is also to be removed shortly.

    Also, does Melianthis major spread by seed and/or vegetatively? If nectar loss is an issue, we could stage it by removing seedheads after flowering.

  3. Melianthus major is a very serious weed in the Far North, and any cultivation or tolerance of its growth should be discouraged. Karikari Peninsula is riddled with it. It may have some kind of nectar value, but the harmful effects far outweigh any food value for birds.

  4. Thanks Philip. After posting, I learned on, I think, TERRAIN, that it is very. poisonous to humans and animals, and may also affect birds. So we had no compunction in removing it all at once., rather than egoing half the area one year and half the next.

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