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  1. Yellow senecios

  2. How do I distinguish the native Senecio Lautus from the exotic weeds in our gravel beach and estuary restoraion

  3. Hi Barabara, You are talking about my turf so i can help. Any plants which are large in the kapiti area are likely to be Senecio skirrhodon, which is a non-native. The native Senecio lautus is generally a smaller plant, and not at all common in Kapiti in fact I have never actually seen it there, the petal of the flower of this species are much smaller/shorter than those of the introduced species. These are the only two species that may be confusing in the area. Good example of S. skirrhodon always seem to grow near the railway tracks and corridor. So, its likely you only have the introduced species in your area of concern, really common around the edges of the Waikanae River and Estuary. I hope that helps...Cheers Matt

  4. oops sorry *Barbara...

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