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  1. Unknown grass/ sedge

  2. Can anyone help me with identifying the grass/ sedge in the attached photos. I have a number of these 'tussocks' on our lifestyle property and wanted to know if I should be removing them (if pest) or protecting them (if native).

  3. Can you add a close-up of the seed-head?

  4. Not hugely close up (from my phone). Let me know if you need a better photo and I can take one with my SLR, although I do not have a macro lens.

  5. It looks like Carex divulsa to me. It is quite a common non-native in farm blocks in the Kapiti area. You agree Mike?

  6. yes I think it's C. divulsa'. It is exotic, quite invasive and apparently stock don't much like it.

  7. Thanks Mike/ Matt. Will start removing it then.

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