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  1. Correct plant names

  2. Hi there. Would some one be able to clarify the following?
    1. Are all Baumea's now classified as Machaerina, and
    2. Are Juncus edgaraie and J. gregiflorus the same plant?

  3. Hi Rhonda, yes the Baumea sp. are now recognised as Machaerina, if you look at each member of the family you will see the Baumea name is regarded as a synonym. Juncus edgariae and Juncus gregiflorus are two different species which were clumped together as one until this pare was published "Johnson, L.A.S.; Wilson, K.L. 2000: Juncus edgariae (Juncaceae) - a new species from New Zealand. Telopea 9: 399-402," find it on Google scholar and have a read to find the differences between the two.

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