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  1. Why can I no longer record International Phenology Observations?

  2. Hi

    I noticed whilst in the USA that I could no longer record the flowering / fruiting of plants indigenous to or naturalised in New Zealand that I was seeing there. The problem seems to be that one can't select "N/A" for district anymore - yet previously we could (see my 2011 records of Carpobrotus glaucescens, Spinifex sericeus and Entelea arborescens from Australia which are still held in the phenology listings under "N/A". We have never had an "International" heading to use so I have selected "N/A" as the next best option. If I select "N/A"(as before) I am told that I need to select a "District" and "N/A" is rejected each time I try. There is no other option that I can see.

    Is this an error that has crept in, or is this intentional?


    Peter J. de Lange

  3. Hi Peter, this has now been fixed. You will see International as an option at the bottom of the district list. It was accidentally excluded when we redesigned the flora mapping system. Hope this helps, John

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