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  1. Help with ID please

  2. I found this Hydrocotyle on a mossy rock in the bed of Boundary Stm, Hawkes Bay. I can't match it with any of the sp native or exotic on the Network so wonder if it is one of those for which there is not yet a pict. Thanks, Mike Lusk

  3. Hi Mike

    Your plant is a Hydrocotyle, its part of the H. novae-zeelandiae complex - its not novae-zeelandiae s.s. and it approaches var. robusta (or H. robusta) but without fruits, chromosome counts and DNA sequence data I'd be reluctant to go further that saying its general name.


  4. Thanks Peter

  5. Mike - one further thing - I have just returned from working in the Field in the East Cape area - and I found the same Hydrocotyle at Mahia Peninsula - your plant is, indeed allied to H. robusta. I now have live material from two sites and with luck we will know more about it and finding a proper name for it in due course.



  6. Thanks Peter. Do you want a sample of the Boundary Stream plant?

  7. Just picked this up - no, I am off to Italy for six months from this March - but Dr Peter Heenan might - try him at Peter holds material I collected from Mahia and Hicks Bay, and we both agree that your plant (and mine) is not H. robusta s.s. So more samples might be useful.

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