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  1. Blueberry tree?

  2. I have a small shrubby tree in a pot that the previous owners left in my garden. It is about a metre high. It looks to my eyes to be exactly like a blueberry tree. It has produced blueberries. BUT the fruit contains a single large seed, almost like a pit.

    Is this really a blueberry tree? The large pit is confusing me as there is just a thin layer of fruit over the top of the pit.

  3. Can you please upload a photo of less than 500kb - there are lots of species with blue fruit

  4. Sorry, here we go.

  5. Not a blueberry tree at all but a native Pseudopanax species.

  6. Actually I take that back - the foliage looks more like a fig of some sort - there was psuedopanax foliage in the previous photo

  7. I think it's Raphiolepis indica, (Indian hawthorn) pretty but can be an invasive weed.

  8. Yes this is Raphiolepis indica

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