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  2. I have a bunch of photos of naturally occurring hybrids between native species, as I'm sure other people do too. Do people want to see these (clearly labelled of course) on the NZPCN website or would this just confuse things? See below an example of Ranunculus buchananii (left) and R. buchananii x lyallii (right)

  3. Hi Jesse

    I think adding in clear, unequivocal images of putative and confirmed hybrids is useful. However the question would be how you'd load them up - separate fact sheets for hybrids would necessitate separate descriptions etc, which would be time consuming and tedious to prepare - unless of course you want to do them yourself - I am not keen to do them. If not I assume you'd agree that load

  4. I see we lost the last bit of that comment - " hybrid images up with either of the known or assumed parents would work. From memory we have done that occasionally before". Check this out with John Sawyer.

  5. Hi Jesse,
    Some hybrids are so common (in some places e.g. Celmisia xpseudolyallii in the Craigieburns) that having pictures of them on the website would be quite useful.
    I have a lot of Celmisia hybrid pictures that I would happily send in for the website if you choose to have a hybrid section.
    Would you also consider hybrids where only one parent is known? E.g. the Celmisia viscosa hybrid in the attached photo?

  6. It could be quite useful to have a hybrid section attached to the factsheets - even if just for the common, known hybrids. Obviously it would be a bit of a double up as you'd have to add it to both parents. And it would have to be very clearly separated from the main part of the factsheet - possibly a link would would best? But I think it would be a very useful tool.

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