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  1. Lobelia 'Woodhill'

  2. I'm interested in the form that is often referred to as Lobelia 'Woodhill'. We have planted it in several gardens within Auckland. I'm aware that nothing has been published on it (notably in the comparatively recent reclassification of NZ members of that genus), but I'd like to ask whether there are any indications on whether it is likely to be a new, distinct entity, or simply a form of one of our current species (presumably L. angulata).

  3. Hi Philip,

    Talk to Ewen Cameron (whom you know) about it, as he discovered it and he said he would be formally describing it. Anyway, otherwise it is potentially distinct, but to describe it will require working out what the true L. angulata is - and as the type of in the Paris Herbarium - its not an easy task to resolve.

  4. Thanks very much for the reply, Peter,

    I'll ask Ewen some time. It's certainly a beautiful and distinctive plant, and it's interesting to hear that it's potentially distinct.

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