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  1. Coprosma rugosa

  2. Hi,
    I have purchased these plants from a local nursery in Kapiti and understand that it's seed was eco-sourced. My research suggests that this plant naturally occurs all over the lower north island and is suitable for lowlands as well as mountain country. Could someone confirm this to be correct?

  3. Small-leaved Shrubs of NZ Wilson and Galloway says it occurs all over the country and in lowland to subalpine habitat. Said to like stony ground

  4. I have seen them in places in the NI like near Rangiwahia Hut in the Ruahines but I have successfully grown one in my home garden in Upper Hutt.

  5. Kia ora Te Rito, I am a local to the area you speak of. Were the plants bought from Kapiti Nursery? If so I can follow it up for you. I eco-source in the area too, and know of a few colonies of C. rugosa in the Otaki Forks, so it may well have come from there. That said, if you let me know the nursery I could answer this question with more accuracy as I know all of the nurseries owners well enough to confirm or deny.
    Cheers Matt Ward

  6. Thanks for your comments. I have contacted the original grower and they tell me that these plants are not eco-sourced. Does anyone know of Wellington region eco-sourced Coprosma rugosa plant material?

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