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  1. Yellow pond plant 11 km out of Warkworth

  2. Hello I have just returned from visiting our daughter who lives 11 kilometres outside Warkworth and has about 20 acres of land with 5 acres covenanted bush.
    I am a keen botanist back here in UK and was intrigued to see the pond at her entrance covered with yellow flowers and wonder if it is Utricularia australis? should be very grateful for your help!!
    I'm afraid I don't seem able to shrink my photos to the required size. so have attached them to an e mail
    Thanks and best wishes
    Lorna Holland

  3. Sadly not - Utricularia gibba - an aggressive (presumably) naturalised species. There is some debate about this as we have sexual and asexual forms, the sexual form is indigenous to Australia and may have arrived here naturally. Either way this is the bladderwort that is causing the loss of U. australis through competition. BTW our U. australis very rarely flowers - and its flowers are much larger and orange-yellow.

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