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  2. How long does moderation usually take? I applied a forum post to try to identify 2 plants on Wednesday, but it hasn't been uploaded to the forum yet. Is there anyway I can check its progress? Thanks.

  3. Hi Dylan - NZPCN is run by volunteers - its quite likely that the person responsible for moderation is currently away on holiday. Sorry but you will just have to be patient.

  4. Hi Dylan, I've process all the files in the moderation cue, and sorry but I haven't come across yours. Can you please re-submit. Note that photos need to be less than 500kb to be able to upload. Thank you.

  5. I just had photos, didn't check the size. Apparently they are 5,000kb; and that's coming off an old camera wow! How do I get em as small as 500?

  6. Hi Dylan, There are numerous free downsizing app's available on the web. Pick one you like and compress your pictures, then we will try to help...cheers Matt

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