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  1. Plant ID Please!

  2. This is called 'rari rari' by the people of Pawarenga (Far North) where this seems to be taking over the world. Any clues or information please.

  3. Can you please attache a photo of 500kb or less. We can't id on just words. Thanks

  4. Yep, I tried three times but it doesn't seem to upload until now...thanks

  5. Cape honey flower, Melianthus major. It's a very invasive weed in the Far North and we do see it occasionally in Hawkes Bay. Not sure how much further south it goes.

  6. Thanks Mike!! I was hoping it might have some use, but looks like it is just an ugly weed.....

  7. Also occurs in the Hutt Valley/Wellington region.

  8. Extremely poisonous apparently, all parts, even the nectar. 10x10m recently cleared from a forest margin here in Auckland

  9. I hadn't realised it is so poisonous, but on line there are some postings that suggest it is not known to be poisonous e.g. Garden World and it is also said to make good honey. Birds apparently seek the nectar.

  10. Interesting...and confusing! I googled it before deciding whether to remove it all at once or stage it for habitat retention, and I think it was T.E.R.R.A.,I.N website I got that info from. I wasn't obseving that site the year before, and last year the tui didn't get any nectar there because it was all cut down before flowering.

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