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  1. Help please to ID a "tree" for me

  2. Hello, hoping someone here can help me please ID a 'tree' growing on my property. (I know nothing about plants and have basically come here just for help). Pics attached. I say 'tree' in quotation marks as the trunk system is almost vine like - multiple branches at ground level. Leaves are palm sized and thorns on the new growth. In the far shot attached, the green dot indicates 6 foot from ground, as an indication of current height. It's in a gully that is almost constantly wet or damp. It's doing a great job of stopping the gorse from spreading, but need to know if it's invasive or noxious and should probably remove it (versus pruning). Thanks everyone. I appreciate your time to read this.

  3. Hi Vanessa can you please upload the photo again. It has to be smaller than 500kb to load to this page.

  4. Yes, absolutely, sorry about that

  5. That doesn't look like an indigenous species to me. I would wait until one of the better botanist has a look though just to confirm

  6. Looks like an Erythrina to me, possibly Erythrina x sykesii:

  7. Awesome! Thank you, it certainly seems to fit. Appreciate the response.

  8. Yes that is Erythrina xsykesii

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