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  1. Myosotidium hortensium. How best to raise from seed gathered in my garden in Avonhead, Christchurch

  2. I have gathered seed from a Chatham Island forget-me-not on my garden and am wondering how best to propagate more plants, by either germinating the seeds or from leaf cuttings?

  3. Collect the seed and remove the outer husk. Sow in standard potting mix; it germinates readily especially when fresh. Prick out the seedlings about the two leaf stage and pot up. Don't let the potting mixes dry out. Keep in a cool spot (south side of house) but don't over water.

  4. Thank you very much David. I appreciate that information and will follow it.

  5. Thank you, David, for that information. Before I received your reply I'd put a few kernels in seed raising mix and kept it moist but several kernels have gone mouldy, I then took several more kernels and broke them open, extracted the seed, and have now sown them in damp seed raising mix. Maybe they are too old, but time will tell if they germinate, If not, next year I'll gather the seed earlier.

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