Good morning plant enthusiasts.
I am trying to grow Chenapodium detestan plants to expand the population in Lake Tekapo and re introduce it back into lake Lyndon. Motukarara Nursery successfully grew over 70 plants in 2016 from seed collected from 2009 that had sat in a plastic bag in the sun on a desk for 7 years! I collected the seed from the 2016 plants, dried them but only managed to grow 2 plants. There seems to be some sort of weathering of the seed that needs to occur to increase germination success, problem being I don't have 7 years to sit and wait and hope new seed that I collected this week will germinate and produce 100ds of plants, I need 100dreds of plants over the next 2 years.

my question to you all. has anyone artificially weathered seed and how have they achieved this?

Thank you all

Daniel Kimber
Threatened Plant Ranger
DOC Rangiora.