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  1. How do you sow Vitex lucens/puriri seeds?

  2. Days to germinate, sowing depth, seed spacing, growing height?

  3. HI Kayla
    I did a whole master thesis chapter on that at the University of Auckland (Propagation and timber plantation potential of puriri (Vitex lucens) Astrid C. Dijkgraaf 1994; you might be able to interloan that. Or have a read of this article by SOUTHWARD et al https://

  4. A brief summary of my thesis chapter - seed spacing had no effect (spacing from 2cm between fruits to 5cm). Can have between nil and four seedlings per fruit. As long as fruits were fully ripe and not dried out, no difference between the number of seedlings per fruit whether picked from the tree or collected beneath the tree, soaked or not, or fruit flesh removed or not. Soaking retarded germination and produces a slower initial germination rate. First seedlings (not soaked) can emerge after 29 days. Removing fruit flesh initially promotes germination, but reduce the decomposition rates of the woody kernel reducing the rate of later seedling emergence. Significant differences between seeds from different trees, some trees produced seeds that were slower to germinate and produced fewer seedlings - might have something to do with pollination. As a side note, seedlings from some trees were more frost sensitive (all died when planted outside) and some were more resistant (most survived)

  5. Seedling in the glasshouse grew quickly - but don't have any specific height data. After two years I was carrying around plants that were a metre plus in height. They grow a lot more slowly out in the open though, and they don't like frost at all until they develop the more sturdy adult leaves. Seedlings were still emerging after 160 days from being picked, and because you could have more than one seedling per fruit germination rate exceeded 100%. Sowing depth was just pushed beneath the surface of the soil. Let me know if you have more questions.

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