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  1. Pisonia brunoniana

  2. We have a neighbour with this tree, I have asked him if he can take down or get rid off the tree as I have found quite a lot of birds with the sticky stuff all over them I get very upset and try to save them. the latest bird being a kingfisher. he wont take down and does not seem to see why I am so upset over this. we no longer have a bird sanctuary in the bays on the northshore and it is not that easy getting these birds help. I do not have the means to take these birds out west. how can I kill this plant without chopping it down. your help would be very much appreciated Leonie

  3. Hi Leonie, although I can understand your distress about birds getting caught Pisonia is now a very rare plant and officially classified as At Risk - Relict and therefore worthy of protection. Rather than remove the whole tree, can you come to an agreement with your neighhour that the unripe seed pods are removed before they open. That will reduce the issue of birds getting caught.

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