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  1. Metrosideros carminea

  2. I planted a M carminea (ex Oratia Native Nursery) in the "garden" and was pleased when it started its climbing thing over the rocks. The other half however looks completely different from the shrub forms of M carminea I can spot on line and in books. Leaves (seem) too big, too long. One photo on NZPCN is encouraging but not a clincher. Is the upright form really carminea or a stowaway... excelsa?

  3. Further photos

  4. One more, underside

  5. Nobody? Have I asked a dumb question?

  6. Metrosideros plants can exhibit several different growth forms. If it all comes off the same plant then it probably is just one species.

  7. Hi Graeme,
    You had it right. The excelsa is a stowaway. It happens often. I was looking at some massive cut timber slabs used as steps the other day, on which the cracks were all lined with tiny, red-tinged seedlings of pohutukawa. They appear in all kinds of unlikely places if allowed to, and there would have been plenty of pohutukawa seeds floating around Oratia when the plant was propagated.

  8. Okidoke. Thanks

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