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  1. Plants from otari Wilson's bush

  2. Hi last weekend for a uni research project we did measurements in a area of otari as part of it we had to identify all the plant species in the area I've managed to figure out all but 3 and would greatly appreciate some help (more photos to come)

  3. Hi Ben, photos have to be smaller than 500kb to load.

  4. 2nd

  5. Hi Ben the first photo didn't load. The second one looks like a Parsonsia seedling - probably heterophylla, but hard to tell without flowers.

  6. 1st again

  7. 4

  8. Hi Ben, number 3 didn't load. Number 1 again is Asplenium bulbiferum, hen and chicken fern

  9. 2nd again

  10. Presumably 2 again = 3 again ;-) Looks like another Parsonsia seedling. I'm not confident enough on No 4. You wouldn't happen to have any closeups of that one?

  11. I doubt it will be helpful but I have this one also thanks for the help

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