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  1. Weird Urtica ferox not ferocious at all

  2. I struck a few U. ferox from my own collected seed and one is definitely not like the others. This has no stingers whatsoever and is "dwarfy" and multi-stemmed compared to its upright foot tall "normal" sisters who are thriving outside. Of course these things happen but no stingers whatsoever on a ferox is kinda weird. Has anybody seen this mutation before? Could it be a hybridisation? I'll certainly try it out on a Red Admiral caterpillar or 2 to see if they if they manage to go full term on it.

  3. Fascinating - look forward to other comments

  4. Graeme - it would be interesting to grow it on, sow seed from it (if you get any) and see what happens. Be interesting to see what chromosome number it has as well.

  5. Cheers, Peter. That's the plan. It's very stunted in comparison to the normal plants but is progressing nonetheless.

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