I know this is outside of the normal "what is this plant" field of this forum. But this has been weighing heavily on my mind as of late. With the loss of several good native specialist nurseries and several others apparently struggling and/or their owners nearing the age where retirement becomes part of their plans and I can see their long term future as uncertain. Even the native nurseries around at the moment, while having a diverse range of species, do stick with the common species seen everywhere.
What nurseries are left that do and can grow the native species that the general nursery doesn't?
I understand the nursery business environment is rife with undercutting, very low-margins and some would say unscrupulous behavior by some. This has lead to so many great resources of plants, experience and passion being lost.
Does the network need to compile a list of growers who are still growing a great diversity of native plants, and indeed exploring our flora's untapped potential?