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  1. Unidentified very unusual flowering plant

  2. Does anybody know what this plant is called? Hope it is not poisonous, it looks so unusual! The leaves in the foreground belong to it.

  3. Hi Connie not sure what this is, I have had a bit of a search about the web to no avail. Its definitely not native, which is what we are about here, so I suggest you put it on the Inaturalist website which has much more traffic and all types of plant specialists viewing it regularly. Good luck!!! Cheers Matt

  4. One last search = Dracunculus vulgaris

  5. Yes, that's the one! My friend in Germany did a bit of research too and came up with Amorphophallus konjac, which is often called Voodoo Lily too but does not quite look the same. The leaves didn't match. Definitely an Amorphophallus.
    Thanks Matt for your help.

  6. Looks like an arum of some description - definitely not native

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