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  1. Xeronema callistemon f. callistemon

  2. Is there an accepted method of stratification of Xeronema seeds?
    Mine flowered this year for the first time and I would like to give the seed the best possible chance.

  3. Hi Helen, Laurie Metcalf suggests sewing seed when fresh. Germinate in intermediate to warm conditions. germination may take up to 3 months. Once seedlings germinate, keep the seedlings on the dry side, do not overwater as they are easily asttacked by phytophthora. Seedling are slow growers.
    I hope that helps... =) cheers Matt

  4. Thanks Matt, I was keen to know also - my Xeronema also flowered this year (the second time with a 6 year gap in between). I've also had reports from other people that this year their plant has either flowered or flowered particularly well. Hadn't thought to collect the seed until Helen posted this. Great idea :-)

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